Plug’n Test © guarantees the correct operation of your program by simulating the mechanical part of the installation and its interactions with its environment.


This phase allows you to test and validate the operative part by visualising the entire installation before it is built.





  • Ready to useSIMULATION_optimisation4_269x200
  • Compatible with all the PLCs on the market
  • Shorter intervention times
  • Validation of a program before installation
  • Real-time simulation of the movements
  • Product tracking
  • Interactive interface
  • Optimisation of tests duration
  • Can be used for training and maintenance






The IESA “Plug and Test” Simulator was designed to test, validate and optimize your plc program. It also allows to improve the efficiency and to limit the risks during start-up and commissioing phase of your installation.
The “Plug and Test” Simulator, is also used as a training tool of your operators and maintenance staff.