Electrical renovation of reversible aerial tramway in La Plagne

IESA has performed the electrical renovation of reversible aerial tramway. We worked on the Télébus which links 2 villages of La Plagne ; open on extended hours since the launch of the season on 11 December. We carried out replacement of electrical cabinets (control and power). Thanks to our workshop tests on a simulator, the first automatic cycles could be executed on site directly after the connection tests and allowed a quick commissioning.

In cooperation with the installation manager, we improved the ergonomics of the driver’s cab with a fully integrated remote control panel. The power supply was completely renovated to drive a DC motor. The cycle time was also optimised while conserving the levels of comfort and safety expected of this type of machine.

Our scope of work included :

  • Electrical studies
  • Programming of Siemens S7-1500 safety PLCs
  • Manufacturing of electrical cabinets and tests on simulators
  • Commissioning and probationary control with the technical service of the ski lifts
  • Training of maintenance and drive operators

Another project carried out on the @SAP La Plagne resort with which we always have so much pleasure to work. A big thank you to them for their trust and loyalty.

The key elements

  • Reversible aerial tramway
  • Optimisation of travel time
  • Backup mode processed by PLC