Pot Tending Machine in aluminium plant – Dubai

We have designed a pedagogical, immersive and innovative training solution for an aluminium plant in Dubai.  

We have modeled the process in 3D in order to recreate the environment at scale 1 of the user operators. 

We also simulated the Pot Tending Machine operative part. The driver’s cab has been reproduced in real-life conditions to reinforce the feeling of immersion for the learner.  

We have developed the exercises of increasing difficulty necessary to learn how to operate the machines and have created an evaluation system for employees in training. 

For the implementation of these tool, we used various advanced technologies such as :  

  • Operators eyes tracking 
  • Scripting of the exercise in real time by the trainer 
  • A double projection system adapted to the operator’s point of view 

These tool has been deployed on other Pot Tending Machine processes around the world. Our client also uses this tool for the recruitment of its future employees.  

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