We support you in many and diversified industrial sectors. Our experience and the expertise of our employees allow us to easily transfer our skills from one sector to another. This enables us to invest and offer taylor-made solutions in new markets.

Food Industry

IESA has been evolving in the food processing market – the biggest French and European industrial sector – for many years.


The production of primary aluminum is our historical field of activity.


IESA has always been involved in the environmental market, which has become crucially important in industry.

Tunnel Boring Machines

Armed with its capacity for adaption and its taste for a technical challenge, IESA...


We have been able to adapt our expertise in smoke treatment to the maritime sector.

Ore Industry

Principal source of the production of equipment and consumer goods...

Nuclear Industry

Given our expertise, IESA is principally involved with the latest generation of nuclear reactors...

Oil & Gas

We have been working on high-stake and high-risk projects in the energy for 20 years.


Based on a continuous market and technology watch, IESA is investing in the sector of the future of cable transport.


The energy markets represent a significant part of IESA's business...


IESA has numerous references in this area of work, notably through its recognized experience in material handling flows.

Other Processes

Thanks to its level of skills, a solid experience in control-command, and proven working methods...