Decision support, Industrial training (machine operation, maintenance, safety…), Validation of automated processes, Sales aid, Technology showcasing…




For over 10 years IESA has been designing interactive, immersive simulators for industrial companies. These have enabled our customers to develop their competitiveness in their specific fields of expertise, across areas such as :

  • Decision support
  • Industrial training (machine operation, maintenance, safety..)
  • Validation of automated processes
  • Sales aid,
  • Technology showcasing


They guarantee the profitability of their projects, with improvements in indicators such as :


  • Optimisation of training cycles
  • Cost reductions (machine breakages, production stops…)
  • Taking account of the human factor (stress management, improving involvement…)
  • Differentiation from the competition






The technologies developed enable the solution offered to be customised to meet your specific needs :


  • Operator immersion and realistic virtual environments (MMI, physical representation…)
  • Processing of simulator data (teaching courses, summaries and reviews/reports)
  • Ease of use and installation of the tool developed



IESA’s skill and experience when it comes to knowledge of processes, automatic control systems and virtual reality mean that it is able to adapt to industrial customers’ budgets in order to offer them turnkey solutions ready to be rolled out anywhere in the world.



IESA industrial simulators use a range of advanced technologies that guarantee the user an interactive, immersive and functional experience. Our expertise in virtual reality, simulation and digital modelling mean that we are able to offer the most innovative solutions, and the ones best adapted to our customers’ needs.

In addition, IESA has developed a set of technological modules that enable us to optimise the production of these simulators, thereby enhancing our responsiveness.