Industrial Data Processing

Applications, databases, networks and services, the Software Engineering team offers solutions adapted to your projects.




  • Custom applications
  • Interactions with databases
  • Communication with PLC data
  • Supervision systems and HMIs



 DATABASESAUTOMATION_info_indus _illustration2_318x200px

  • Study and design
  • Development of procedures and triggers
  • Installation, backup, maintenance
  • SQL Server, Oracle, MySql…





  • Design and maintenance of installed bases
  • Network security
  • Management scripts
  • Setting up of communication buses (Ethernet, Wifi, Profibus DP/PA, DeviceNet, FF) Modbus, ASI, CAN, Bluetooth)



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  • Assistance with commissioning and on-site acceptance testing
  • Assistance with production ramp-up
  • Operator training
  • Design and development services