Flavoured sauce production factory in CHINA

Due to the expansion of a food factory specialized in the production of flavoured sauces, our IT engineers and automation specialists migrated the factory’s supervision system.

Because of the obsolescence of the program in use, they carried out a conversion from version 5 to version 8 of the program Factory Talk View SE.

The scope of our intervention on level 2 included :

  • Study,
  • Migration
  • Development
    • creation of the general synoptic view on a mutiple screen wall (2×4 monitors)
    • SQL queries and analysis of the results to display the possible produce paths from their starting points to their destinations
    • creation of new views of the extension
  • Tests FAT de la supervision

The Key Elements :

  • ControlLogix Controllers
  • Conversion or the program Factory Talk View SE from version 5 to version 8
  • VBA Development
  • Multi-screens

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