The Record Book by IESA

Tracking, Data recording ... Real know-how at IESA!

3 years ago, IESA developed its “Record Book” to meet the needs of one of its clients in the Marine sector. Since then, we have carried out a succession of projects and our know-how is recognized. 

Legal framework for ship smoke emissions

The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) addresses environmental issues under IMO’s remit. This includes the control and prevention of ship-source pollution covered by the MARPOL treaty. 

In 2019, following the 74th session of the MEPC, and the implementation of the annex VI of the MARPOL treaty, marine market players have to intensify the monitoring of their environmental impact.. 

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Why IESA and The Marine market ?

IESA was consulted by a long-standing customer who needed to obtain a tool that optimizes the monitoring of gas emissions from ships. 

Our IT experts have developped an application to collect and store gas emission measurements. This application is especially used on ships located in the SECA (Sulfur Emission Control Area) and ECA (Emission Control Area) maritime zones. 

Our scope of work : 

  • Development of an application to record data 
  • Use of IESA’s communication libraries and alarms managers 
  • Allow the application to communicate with the GPS to obtain the position of the vessel   
  • Enable the application to communicate with the PLC to obtain the emission measurements 
  • Ensured reliable operation in the event of a network loss   


Our added value, a mastered product  !

The “Record Book” application allows you to : 

  • Connect to the network used (in marine, the NMEA 183)   
  • Record data on a 18 months cycle 
  • Generate an automatic and weekly .pdf and .csv export 
  • Save the database for archive

Some screen shots

One Record Book

History of alarms and events

Since its first request, IESA supplied and carried out many Record Books. These different experiences give it a recognized expertise in the development of its libraries and products.   

This application has become a customizable product that can be adapted to the specifications of a large number of installations regardless of the sector of activity. 

IESA is the ideal partner to support you in the traceability and monitoring of your production.