Relocation and renovation of TSF4: management of the control package and CE certification

Rénovation Télésiège TSF4 Contrôle Commande


The La Plagne ski area restructuring project is part of an ecological approach. Indeed, the renovation and relocation of certain chairlifts in the Chalet de Bellecôte sector were carried out with the aim of preserving the area’s glaciers.

Several installations were dismantled: two fixed-grip chairlifts and a gondola lift. Thanks to this process, a 4-seater chairlift was rebuilt(the TSF4 Chalet de Bellecôte), giving more space to nature and greater comfort to users.

It was against this backdrop that Ingelo commissioned us to manage the Control & Command package, as well as the acquisition of CE certification for the new installation.


After carrying out the electrical and automation studies, we supplied the motor and return control cabinets, as well as the motor power cabinet. The “return” cabinet integrated the control of the loading conveyor. This equipment was the subject of a specific development.

With regard to CE certification, we drew up all the documentation required by the STRMTG-ON organization to take a second look at the technical aspects and validate the elements supplied in the light of European Regulation (EU) 2016/424.

When the chairlift was relocated, the DC motor was replaced by an asynchronous motor for easier maintenance, energy savings and the use of a variable speed drive in the control system.

As part of the project, a ventilation system recovering heat from the power room was installed, providing a source of heating for various rooms in the building, such as the refectory and the control room. Recovering the heat already produced means energy savings for the plant operator.

To carry out this major project, we have surrounded ourselves with reliable technical service providers. While Ingelo, our customer, carried out the mechanical work, we entrusted the electrical work to Electralpes and the ventilation to Polyair Industrie.


We would like to thank all those involved in this major project, which took place at an altitude of no less than 2,590 m. This meant that we had to make a few adaptations, particularly with regard to access to the site in view of the sometimes complicated weather conditions, right from the autumn!


  • Working in extreme conditions: high-altitude site with difficult access: car/road photo
  • CE marking: see CGT: ok
  • Reconditioned unit, heat recovery: benefit for the environment: for this like


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