Improvement of before curing workshop in passenger car plant in USA


The competitiveness of a production plant is a major issue for any company, and the optimization of its manufacturing processes is a strategic approach to achieve this.

Within the framework of a passenger car tire factory revamping in USA, our specialists took part in the upgrading project of the before curing workshop.

We have just finished the first phase of this 5-stage project between 2023 and 2024 !


We first carried out the electrical and automation studies, then manufactured the cabinets, and finally ensured the commissioning on site.

Our team worked on transitic system of 15 conveyors in robot output to foward products to the existing transitic system.


We thanks Actemium ASAS for its trust and loyalty. We are delighted to have been able to participate in this before curing workshop optimization project.


  • I/O Links, HMI Mobile Rockwell
  • Commissioning on site in USA
  • Manufacturing and supplying of cabinets
  • UL standards
  • Powerflex drive


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