Upgrading of conveyor belts in Mountains

We carried out several safety-related upgrades to conveyor belts over the past 6 months in the Northern Alps. This, as part of our partnership with Electralpes.

We have completed the 7th conveyor belt in Courchevel for the « Société des 3 Vallées (S3V ) »: it is the « Apogée belt’s hotel ». Its maintenance and compliance are ensured by S3V.

We carried out the studies from the existing electrical cabinet and managed the validation of the system by an independent controller (CTI). Electralpes manufactured and installed the cabinet on site, then carried out the electrical tests.

These universal kits can be adapted to all mountain conveyor belt (already 5 different types of conveyor belt equipped: brand, manufacturer, model). An enabling handle has been used for the maintenance operation of the device. It allows a safety stop of the conveyor belt as soon as the operator releases or tightens the handle. Thus increasing safety.

We thank S3V for its trust.

The key elements :

  • Universal kits
  • Adaptability of the kit to 5 types of carpet conveyor belt
  • Setting up an assent handle

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