Replacement of the electrical cabinets that control the motors of the exhaust fans at the Waste-to-Energy Plant in Monaco


Energy recovery, often referred to as energy recovery, is regularly used in waste management processes. Previously seen as a burden, waste is now seen as a valuable source of energy. This booming market offers essential potential for meeting growing energy needs while optimising the carbon footprint.

Monaco has understood this for several years now! The plant considerably reduces the volume and mass of the city-state’s waste by incinerating it. The unit recovers the energy produced by combustion in two forms: electricity and steam!


It was in this context that we took part in the project to replace the variable speed drives for the draught fans at the waste recovery plant in Monaco.

We replaced the entire electrical cabinet, replacing the drives, adding PLCs at the draught fan level to manage alarms concerning drive faults and speed, and adding panel views on the front of the cabinet to control the drive.

We also changed the communication protocol (from profinet to ethernet), removed all the power and control cables, and replaced all the motor vibration sensors.

The configuration of the project led us to think about handling solutions for the revamping of this project.


We completed this assignment in record time in order to meet the expectations of our client SMA, whom we thank for their confidence.


  • Quick response: only one week to install everything
  • Rockwell 5069-L306ER PLC
  • Powerflex 755TL drive
  • Speed of execution to remove the old cabinets, integrate the new ones and rewire all the connections 
  • LV 400 V
  • Handling solution adapted for revamping work


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