Optimization of the 4-season sledding system

We worked on the installation of 4 seasons sleds of the Régie Autonome des Remontées Mécaniques de Montgenèvre to optimize the timing of the sleds. This, in order to improve the flow as well as the user experience of this very popular leisure activity.

Initially driven by a timed traffic light, we provided a more adaptive system to modulate the departure of the sleds according to the actual attendance on the course.

After carrying out the studies, our automation experts went to the sunniest region of France 😉 to install and start up our sled departure timing solution.

In the absence of power supply along the course, we installed an autonomous box, powered by solar panels and in radio link with the main PLC.

We managed to work in the expected short time and validated the system during the summer ; a successful challenge !

Thank you to the Régie Autonome des Remontées Mécaniques de Montgenèvre for its confidence.

The key Elements:

  • We were able to adapt to the field constraints and the lack of power supply to add an autonomous metering point
  • Rapid intervention and system optimization in a very short time

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