Installation of a 4-season sledging circuit

We took part in the installation of the new MND 4-seasons sled in Switzerland : the Fun Coaster !

Our scope of work included the whole studies, equipment supplying, and the supervision of electrical work on site. We carried out the control-command and the electrical wiring of the installation : cable trays, power supply, ski lift control and sled transport system, fibre optic link between the stations.

A difficult job, due to the site itself and the altitude of over 2000m. IESA has been a driving force in proposing different cable trays possibilities, including cable support systems.

Our scope of work also included the motorisation of the ski lift, the management of the timing of the sleds, as well as the conveying and braking of the sleds in people loading and unloading area.

We thank our client MND for its trust

The key elements :

  • Adaptability (winter, over 2000m)
  • 3600 m of cable
  • 400m of straight uphill track
  • Solution in cable support systems

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