Improvement of the electrical system managing the post-combustion CO2 capture technology

We took part in the “Jupiter” pilot project with Leroux et Lotz, on a CO2 capture process in a metallurgy plant (ACOMETAL à FOS sur mer).

Leroux & Lotz has developed a CO2 capture technology using membrane contactors that allows the separation of CO2 from industrial flue gases, and also to purify them by recovering only the CO2.

Once this CO2 is captured, the system cleans it, dries it and compresses it. Then, the device sends the CO2 to the methane plant, which transforms the CO2 into synthetic methane. The e-methane is then injected into the GRTGaz network.

In order to improve the initial project, our mission consisted in the rework and modification of the existing installation. New sensors, valves and packages (dryer, chiller, compressor) were added and integrated in a new electrical cabinet. We managed the entire electrical and pneumatic works contract for this R&D pilot project.

We thank our client Leroux and Lotz for their trust.

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