Heavy-Truck Tires Plant – before and after-cure workshop – Romania

Our automation experts worked on before and after cure workshop in a Heavy-Truck Tires Plant in Romania.

As part of the revamping of green tire production line, we carried out the evolution of the existing process of the before cure workshop. We had to remove the electrical cabinet and relocate it more than 10 meters from its original location to allow the installation of the new transitic. Our scope of work included electrical modification studies, takeover of existing programs, testing and on-site commissioning. 

Concerning the installation of the new line, we helped to set up a tire cooling circuit. We produced the electrical modification studies, developed and simulated the program using our Plug’n Test ® tool, then carried out the tests and commissioning on site.  

We thank our client for their confidence.

The Key Elements :

  • Rockwell L83
  • Transitic of 24 conveyors
  • Programming according to customer standards
  • Short lead times
  • Moving of the electrical cabinets with unwiring/re-wiring 

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