Filling 48Y containers with Uranium Hexafluoride – Nuclear Site – FRANCE

Our electrical automation engineers worked on the 48Y container filling process during cold trials at a uranium (UF6) conversion plant.

The scope of our intervention included a set of machine tests conducted during a two month service period:

  • Electrical checks,
  • Sensor function tests during sequences of filling 48Y containers with UF6
  • Safety : emergency stop, gas detector, torquing, waterproofing,
  • Local tests : power, input/output (automation architecture),
  • Adjustment and calibration of the weighing of containers,
  • Operator interfaces,
  • Functional modes : automatic, manual, and semi-automatic,
  • Communication with level 2 (in coordination with AREVA),
  • Filling out testing sheets (Quality AREVA),

We thank our client for their confidence

The Key Elements

  • Safety procedures
  • Nuclear fuel conditioning
  • Testing to specification

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