Dust control system in a tire factory

Our client entrusted us with three turnkey “Automation – Electricity ” projects for dust control systems in tire manufacture plants in India, China and Brazil.

To respect the local content constraints in this market, we conducted research to find local panel builders and installers in these countries.  This contract management aspect and subcontractor follow-up was a real added value on these projects.

We carried out the totality of the electric works for the plants (totalling 3×7,500 hours).  We also provided the 52 PLC cabinets along with the pneumatic cabinets.

Finally, we launched the commissionnig phase for our client’s equipment.

The key elements :

  • 3 turnkey “Automation – Electricity ” projects
  • Electrical works procurement: 3 x 7,500 hours
  • 52 PLC Cabinets
  • Pneumatic cabinets

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