Control System Revamping of a waste incineration plant in France

Since 2018, we worked on a waste incineration plant in Vaux le Pénil in France. This unit collects and treats domestic waste of 67 municipalities, that represents nearly 300 000 residents.

The control-command system of this plant became obsolete. Our experts were called to renove it. They migrate the old ABB system to a new ABB generation 800 xA.

Our scope of work

  • Electrical studies
    • Cables calculation note
    • ATEX Calculation note
    • LV and control-command diagram
    • Cable List
    • Cable trays implantation
    • Jonction boxes and Local control pannels detailed drawings
    • Lighting studies
    • Electrical works specification
    • Low Voltage board diagram
    • Control-Command Cabinets Diagram
    • Heat balance calculation
    • Retro-engineering
  • Automation studies
    • Functional analysis
    • Input/Output List
    • Operators manuals
    • DCS architecture modification design
    • Control-command life-cycle analysis
  • Automation Operation
    • Views Migration from the old system to the new one
    • Removal of the dismantled equipments
    • Addition of the new equipments
    • Design of new views for the supervisory
    • DCS Setting
    • Tests Input / Output
    • Hot and Cold Tests
    • Industial commissioning
  • Electricity Operation
    • Dismantling of the old electrical installation
    • Removal of dismantled equipments
    • Rerouting of the cable trays implantation
    • Electrical Cabinets Agreement
    • Withdrawal technoly Supply
    • Power cables Supply
    • Lighting supply (main and emergency)
    • Design of a new cabinet (DCS)
    • New instrumentation cables supply
    • Tests and commissioning on site
    • Fire-safety cables trays
    • ATEX area materials Wiring

We thank our client for its trust.

The key Elements

  • Complex plant shutdown context
  • Intervention in ATEX area
  • 120 supervision views 
  • 1 160 I/O 
  • 9 000 h of studies
  • 14 000 h of installation and commissioning

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