NEW IESA-SAIPEM Contract : Construction of an ECS for ANGOLA

As part of the Kaombo project, SAIPEM awarded the contract for the construction of an ECS (Electrical Control System) to IESA.

This project was a TOTAL initiative and consisted of converting 2 tankers off the Angolan coast into FPSOs.

Having already produced several ECSs for offshore installations, SAIPEM decide to rely on the very positive feedback on IESA for a project implemented in “Fast Track” mode (in 36 months).


This contract involved different types of challenge :


  •  Technical (integrated optical network – 1 simple PLC – 4 communication controllers – 680 I/Os wired – 780 network I/Os – Database: 4500-point)
  • Contract management with 4,500 hours design work and a leadtime of 8 months
  • Logistics with interventions in Norway, Singapore and Angola
    Thanks to this new contract, IESA has consolidated its positioning with EPC contractors, as an expert in power management systems, thus opening up some promising perspectives in the Oil & Gas industry.