IESA team sports honored – Tournoi des Chapons de Salaise sur Sanne

A team of IESA sportsmen and women took part in the Volleyball tournament organized by the club in which one of our employees plays. 5 players took part in the event and competed against numerous teams: Elodie, Michaël, Matthieu, Pierre, et Olivier !

The benefits of sports for colleagues

Taking part in sporting events between colleagues offers many advantages. It helps to :

  • Strengthen bonds between team members, foster cohesion and solidarity
  • Improve communication between colleagues to achieve objectives
  • Relax and have a laugh, thus reducing tension and stress
  • Encourage employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • Create positive memories and a pleasant working environment
  • Bring together employees from different hierarchical levels

At IESA, we practice sports among colleagues, particularly volleyball for its team spirit.

If we have several sports teams :

  • Runners
  • Tennis players
  • Footballers

We also have a volleyball team!

5 of our employees took part in the Tournoi des Chapons, a tournament organized by the club in which one of our employees plays.

Volleyball is a team sport that requires certain qualities:

  • Team spirit
  • Coordination and agility
  • Strength and power
  • Speed

Encouraging team spirit and self-improvement

At IESA, we are committed to encouraging the practice of sport. We sponsor employees who wish to take part in sporting events such as races and tournaments.

We’re delighted that our volleyball team took part in this tournament and placed xth!

Well done to the 5 of them, and thanks to Guillaume for encouraging them!

We look forward to seeing them again next year.