Integration of automated material handling systems for a tire factory in Poland – our new project

Système transitique dans une usine pneumatique

New business in the logistics market

We have just won a new contract in the #logistics market, and more specifically in the #transitics market, for a #tyre manufacturing plant in Poland.

Focus on transitic systems

Transitic systems, also known as intra-logistics transport systems, are infrastructures and technologies used for the automatic movement within a factory :

  • materials,
  • components,
  • and finished products.

In the context of tire manufacturing, these transitic systems help to efficiently manage the flow of materials through the various stages of production.

Transitic systems in tire manufacturing plants therefore play a crucial role in optimizing production processes and managing material flows.

Our mission to integrate transitic systems in a tire manufacturing plant in Poland

As part of the integration of 14 new transitic systems in different areas of the plant, we will be coordinating all Level 1 PLC programming.

Integrating additional transitic systems into a tire manufacturing plant can offer several significant advantages that contribute to its :

  • efficiency,
  • productivity,
  • and competitiveness.


We would like to thank our customer and the entire plant team for their confidence and their loyalty.

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