The team

“Ever since the company started up, we have offered our employees a working environment designed to enhance their well-being. And I think that at the same time, we have pulled off the challenge of meeting our customers’ needs in terms of talent, skills and service,” says Christian Rickenbach, co-founder of IESA.


In other words, by ensuring our employees the best disposition, by giving them the means to be happy and professionally fulfilled, and therefore in fact by attracting the best people, IESA has created the conditions for success and high performance.


IESA consists of a team of men and women who are themselves the guarantors of that original spirit, the respect and the set of key values they share: benevolence, solidarity, striving to surpass oneself and excellence.


A multidisciplinary team in which automation specialists, electricians, IT specialists, computer graphics designers, virtual reality specialists, supervisors, commissioning engineers thrive and offer their customers their talents as managers, administrators and experts