Company Life – Industry Week

What is Industry Week?

From 27 November to 3 December, it’s Industry Week! Hundreds of companies all over France will be promoting their professions to young people interested in this sector. This 12th edition promises to be full of meetings and exchanges, with 2.2 million participants expected throughout the country.

Students will be able to immerse themselves in the world of industry, technology and innovation. This year’s event will feature company visits, job dating, workshops, webinars and more.

No fewer than 14 companies in the Vienna area will be opening their doors to welcome almost 300 students.

IESA takes part in this event for the 2nd year running

IESA is a team of passionate people! While we love the technical nature and complexity of our jobs, we also love passing on our knowledge to young people.

What’s more, all new recruits are accompanied by a mentor, so that they acquire all the technical and functional knowledge of the company as they progress. Being mentored gives the younger generation rapid access to the management of innovative and challenging projects!

With this in mind, we agreed to take part in the Industry Week project for the 2nd year running. At the request of the Vienne Condrieu Agglomération Eco Agency, we welcomed a class of BTS students in industrial electricity to introduce them to IESA and its professions. Gabin presented the electrical engineering department to them, talking about its missions, the work sites and his career! Then Gaëtan talked to them about automation, the challenges of projects for our major clients, and his experience from the beginning to the present day! Finally, Elodie explained the particularities of the Simulation Engineering Department, highlighting a number of high-profile projects and giving them an insight into the ins and outs of emulation as applied to the world of industry. The students were also able to try out the virtual reality headset and visit an ARS workshop. Many dared to ask them questions.


All the students showed an interest and were particularly captivated by the presentations made by our staff, whether in electricity, automation or industrial simulation!

The students in the BTS in industrial electricity felt that they had a stake in the subjects covered and didn’t hesitate to ask questions. The teachers thanked us for the quality of the presentations, which gave the young people a real sense of perspective!

For our part, we were delighted with the experience. We could talk about what we like to do, but also to talk about the difficulties and name the pitfalls to avoid! We think we were able to provide some sound advice for the future studies of the students present and for the start of their industrial careers.

We would like to thank the Vienne Condrieu Agglomération Eco Agency for their invitation, the Galilée BTS teaching teams for their agreement, the students and their teachers for coming to meet us and showing such interest, and also our employees for the time they gave to the project by coming to talk about their jobs. 

We can’t wait to do it again next year! The date is in the diary 😊