Plug N’Learn : Automatic Control Systems Training

Discover Plug’n Learn, an innovative solution for automatic control systems training. Compatible with all industrial PLC programming environments, this tool will significantly improve the quality of your teaching.


Our 3D-based approach is an innovative solution when it comes to teaching about automatic control systems. First of all, it emphasises risk reduction (design, logic) on an installation that has been tested in advance using a 3D simulation tool.

It offers the possibility of studying cases of malfunctions typically encountered on an installation (breakages, faults, etc…), whilst maintaining the availability of the installation at all times and at the lowest possible cost.

In the form of practice activities, finally, it enables students to be projected into large-scale projects as close as possible to the real professional world, an area where hardware issues can limit the scope of certain courses.





Teaching aims

  • configuration of an industrial programming environment
  • getting to grips with the 3D simulation tool
  • diagnostic aid



Content available

The content provided with the solution that we offer is based on a standalone package including :


  • A teaching handbook  :
    • documentation simulateur 3D,
    • description du TP,
    • objectifs pédagogiques
  • The Plug N’Learn 3D simulation tool, which can be interfaced with an automated system
  • Adaptable exercises, orientated towards teaching how to diagnose errors
  • The related PLC programme developed under the reference of your choice
  • An IESA trainer can be provided on request